Easy to Digest Foods

Overall, eating foods that are easy to digest promote better digestive health. Foods that are high in nutrients but break down easily are much easier to digest than those which are fatty or complex.

There are many reasons, both comfort and health based that would prompt someone to focus on consuming foods that are easy to digest. If you have a condition that makes it difficult to digest foods properly, if you are getting over an illness like the flu or you are simply looking to put less stress on your system overall, you can benefit from eating more foods that are easy to digest rather than those which put stress on the system.

When do You Need Easy to Digest Foods?

Any time your digestive system is stressed you should focus on eating foods that are easy to digest. Given below are some special periods and situations that you may need easy to digest foods.

Gastrointestinal distress. This can include times that you are suffering from temporary gastrointestinal upset such as food poisoning or permanent conditions such as Crohn's disease. To some extent if you are focusing on treating these types of conditions you will need to focus your efforts on specific foods that have been aggravating your condition. Gastrointestinal distress is often coupled with food allergies and other complications that may make some foods harder to digest than others.

Recovery period. If you are recovering from a disease or an injury such as surgery, eating foods that are easy to digest can shorten your recovery time. When your body is trying to repair, you want to give it less things to focus on so that it can focus more of its energy and resources toward getting you back to normal. In many cases, illness or injury will also require you to restrict your activity and get more rest. When you are spending more time than usual in a resting position it is important to stick to foods that are easy to digest so that your system does not become bloated or uncomfortable.

Slow aging. Those looking to slow the natural aging process may also benefits from focusing their diets on foods that are easier to digest. Putting less stress on your system can help your body from prematurely showing signs of aging that will impact your system as a whole. Many foods that are easy to digest are also high in nutrients that can help your body maintain itself more effectively, which will also help keep you looking youthful for longer than you would otherwise.

Lose weight.Some people also use a diet that is mostly comprised of easily digestible foods when they are attempting to lose weight. On top of having more nutrition than snacks or prepackaged foods that are known to be hard to digest, these foods are often quite filling so you do not feel as though you need to eat as much to become content. Some foods that are easy to digest can also be used to cleanse your system, clearing out food or waste that may be trapped in your digestive system, which will promote healthy weight loss and more digestive comfort.

Find Your Easy to Digest Foods

There are a few key rules that you want to keep in mind when you are designing an easily digestible diet.

Portion size. The first step to developing a diet that is easy to digest is to pay attention to portion size. Instead of having two or three large meals throughout the day, eat five or six small meals throughout the day to avoid bloating. This promotes more regular digestion and helps your body stay in a natural rhythm.

Foods to eat and avoid. In general, foods that are prepared simply that do not include a lot of spice or fat are easier to digest. Foods that are very sugary or include ingredients like carbonation or alcohol can also cause distress on your system. Stick to gentle foods like fresh fruits like cantaloupe, squash or apricots or lean proteins like scrambled eggs that do not put difficulty on your system.

Rice diets.One of the most commonly recommended foods for those who require foods that are easy to digest is rice. Those who suffer from extreme allergic reactions are advised to go onto rice diets because rice allergies are extremely rare. Rice is also very easy to digest and its nutrients can be absorbed quite easily. Bland starches such as rice can also be used to settle an upset stomach. Foods recommended for similar reasons include toast or saltine crackers.

Spur digestive process. In some cases it may be necessary to stimulate the digestive process in order to relieve digestive distress. Bananas are a food that is easy to digest which also contains the necessary enzymes to accelerate digestion. Combining these foods with gelatin or mashed potatoes can also help soothe the digestive tract when it is suffering from distress.

Get enough nutrition. When you are focusing on foods that are easy to digest, you do not want to do this in a way that limits the amount of nutrition that is going into your system. In order to make sure you are getting enough protein, try eating chicken. Chicken is one of the easiest meats to digest and the enzymes in the meat can also help soothe conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. To make sure that you are still getting the vitamins and nutrients that you need, eat plenty of green leafy vegetables such as cabbage. Not only are these filled with valuable nutrients but they can help promote weight loss.

Fermented foods. If you are suffering from a digestive disorder that is caused by a bacterial infections, fermented foods such as yogurt or sauerkraut can be ideal for your condition. These foods can help eliminate bad bacteria in your system that is making you sick while helping you replace the good bacteria that helps you break down food.

Table 1: Easy to digest foods


When to take/how to prepare


Boil in water and consume after stomach flu or during an allergic reaction

Toast or saltine crackers

No preparation necessary.  Recommended for those who are suffering from nausea.


No preparation necessary. Take when recovering from flu or when digestion has been slowed.


Prepare broiled or in soup. Take when you are suffering from digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Green leafy vegetables

Eat raw or boiled and in soup. Take when you require additional nutrients in your diet or to promote weight loss.


Prepare according to package instructions. Consume to soothe digestive distress.

Fresh fruit including cantaloupe, squash or apricots

No preparation is necessary as long as the patient sticks with options that are not acidic. Take when you require additional nutrition when your body is suffering from gastrointestinal distress.

Scrambled eggs

Prepare in a pan with little or no butter and oil. Consume when you need protein in your diet when suffering from nausea.

Mashed Potatoes

Prepare by boiling and then mashing without sour cream or excessive amounts of butter. Consume when suffering from nausea.

Fermented foods including yogurt and sauerkraut

No preparation necessary. Consume when you need to address a bacteria imbalance in your system.


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