Lemon for Hair

Many people, who are growing their hair out or suffer from dry, damaged hair look for natural remedies. Lemon juice can help your hair growth and alleviate uncomfortable issues like dandruff that impact the health of your scalp and hair.

Many people who are growing their hair out or suffer from dry, damaged hair look for natural remedies that they can use lemons to help improve the health of their follicles. Lemon juice can be a great choice to help alleviate some of the most common issues associated with poor hair health.

Lemon juice has long been advised as an ingredient that helps to maintain your hair. Many who are opting to use more natural shampooing routines or those who are eliminating artificial hair care products from their routine all together are using lemon juice as part of their new hair care routine to maximize their hair and scalp health.

Different Ways to Use Lemon for Your Hair

Drink Lemon Juice

Hair can hold toxins that can make the strands damaged or discolored. Regularly drinking lemon juice can help clear these toxins from the body which will help keep the hair healthy and strong. In many cases this can help your hair grow more effectively.

Soak Hair in Lemon Juice

In addition to helping the strands from the inside out, you can use lemon juice to keep your hair from the harm outside. Soaking your hair in lemon juice can help remove built up materials like shampoo or styling products that can make your hair heavy and limp. This can also remove excess oil without stripping away too much of the natural oil that your hair needs to keep the ends of your hair strong and maintained.

Massage the Scalp

You can also massage lemon juice into your scalp to help remove buildup here. This is a great way to remove dandruff that can cause the scalp to become itchy and uncomfortable. Removing buildup on the scalp can also help your hair grow more effectively.

Notes: Lemon juice is quite acidic, so it is important to take precautions before applying it to the skin. Distill the mixture by mixing one to two tablespoons of lemon juice in a cup of water rather than applying the juice directly. Gently pour the juice solution you mixed onto your head, taking care not to get the mixture into your eyes as this can cause serious discomfort. Gently massage the liquid into the scalp, taking time to ensure that the whole scalp is treated with the solution. Do not put too much pressure when you massage in the product and do not scratch as this can cause the scalp to become more irritated. After one to two minutes, rinse the lemon juice out of your hair with warm water, once again taking care to make sure that the solution does not drip into the eyes. Repeat this for up to two weeks as necessary until your scalp stops feeling itchy and uncomfortable.

Use Lemon to Lighten Your Hair

Lemon juice has bleaching properties that are commonly used to preserve white clothing or other materials, and this same principle can be applied to your hair. The citric acid in the fruit can be used in combination with sunlight to naturally lighten hair to a more pleasing shade. This application tends to be more effective on those with light colored hair, as those with darker shades can wind up with hair that has an orange tint by using this technique.

For a solution that will gently lighten hair, mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with a gallon of water. Those looking for significant bleaching effects should mix three tablespoons of lemon juice with two cups of water. Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can be added if you would like to add shine as well as lighten the color. After you finish your regular shampoo routine, rinse your hair with the lemon mixture. Rinse it evenly over the strands and massage it into the hair. Let the mixture sit for five minutes to one hour. If you would like a significant bleaching effect, sit in the sun during this time. Finish by rinsing out the juice and applying your regular conditioner. This technique can be repeated for up to three weeks.


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